Listen to Gui Boratto's Exclusive Rdio Playlist

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For the latest installment of XLR8R's ongoingRdioplaylistseries, we are graced with a handful of track selections from Brazilian house/techno auteur Gui Boratto. The producer's playlist follows not long after the release of his vibrant third album, III, and an excellent XLR8Rpodcast, which is more or less a home recording of Boratto's much-lauded live performance. You can check out his playlist and a brief Q&A below. (You can also listen to the playlist on Rdio, here.)

Tell us a little about your playlist.
I just picked music from the past that I love, and from the present that I love, too. :-)

What are some of your favorite picks?
I've picked up 808 State's "Plan9" because it reminds me one of the best moments of my youth. :-) And I've chosen "Swim" by Caribou because I really identify myself there. I could easily do that track, especially the harmony. Totally on my vibe!

You just released your new album, III, via Kompakt. What's something you did differently when making that album compared to, say, Take My Breath Away?
The process was very similar, but III has more of a rock vein. It's darker, but more punchy compared to the others. And I'm singing there!!!! We never forget the first time... Hehehe...

What can people expect from the new Gui Boratto live show?
They can expect 10 LED columns that are synced with my music, the reactable, and guitar and/or bass on some songs. Like this:


How's São Paulo these days?
Perfect weather, amazing restaurants (yes, I'm a foodie), a few great clubs, like D-EDGE and Clash. Also great events, like Rock In Rio.