Listen to The Rapture's Exclusive Rdio Playlist

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Continuing with our celebratory playlistcuration on behalf of the first birthday for social music service Rdio, we shoulder-tapped pre-eminent NYC dance-punkers The Rapture to hook us up with a mix of some of their current favorites. The DFA stalwarts—having recently dropped their third LP, In the Grace of Your Love—obliged, and sent over a fine selection of classic tunes and obscure gems. You can check out the trio's playlist, coupled with a little Q&A we did with Gabriel Andruzzi, below. (You can also stream the music on Rdio, here.)

Tell us a little about your playlist.
These are some tunes I enjoy. I hope you do, too.

Name one or two of your favorite songs you picked, and why.
My best friend's mom used to listen to "Strokin'" all the time. In fact, the whole family did. We used to put this one on and dance around the dining room. "Strokin'" is an American classic, really, defining our culture and history as a whole.

What was The Rapture up to during its five years in hiding?
Hiding? We weren't hiding. Y'all just don't pay attention unless we have a new record out. You are totally welcome to hang out with us while we are writing, crying, fighting, making up, drinking tea/coffee, recording tunes, laughing, and eating pain aux amandes.

What are some of your favorite tunes on In the Grace of Your Love?
The whole record is my fave. We are a band that makes albums. We enjoy the journey, experience, and implied narrative of listening to and making albums. The same goes for our live shows and DJ sets. I'm not saying we are always entirely successful at it, but we also enjoy the accidents and mistakes as well.

What's going on with Throne of Blood these days?
Throne of Blood is cooking right now. We pretty much have monthly releases with no end in sight. I'm really stoked on Throne of Blood, the music, and the family we are creating.