Listen to Tim Hecker's Exclusive Mix for XLR8R

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Many of you tried to access this file yesterday, and of course, it broke the internet. But some kind soul has managed to repost it here for your downloading pleasure. —Ed.

A few months back, when we first got wind of Ravedeath, 1972, the latest LP from XLR8R-featured artist Tim Hecker, we thought: What a brilliant idea it would be to have the Canadian noisemaker share with us a mix of even more glacial and angelic soundscapes—maybe a nice collection of his unreleased or back-catalogued material along with a handful of tracks that resonate within him as an artist. Well, in hindsight, maybe we were a bit naive to think Hecker would turn in the customary assemblage of tracks one figures to hear, as he has instead delivered an extremely long (not exaggerating at all here) mix, which is as unexpected as it is intriguing.

It should really come as no surprise that the Montreal-based producer is fond of the pioneering minimalist composer and performer La Monte Young, who among other things, was integral in forming the legendary collective/performance group Theatre of Eternal Music. But it surely will come as a surprise that for his mix, Hecker has decided to take Young's and Marian Zazeela's 1969 album The Black Record and elongate it to not two, not three, but over 13 times its original length, clocking this mix in at exactly 10 hours. It's sort of the equivalent of spelling "drone" as "drooooooooooooone," except way more interesting. You can download the cleverly titled Really Eternal Music / Your Bloated Hard Drive mix here if you think your internet connection, hard drive, and mind are all ready for what's in store.