Locals Only - Zed Bias Lists His Five Favorite Spots in Manchester

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Manchester has long been one of the UK's most dependable musical hotbeds, with a decades-long lineage of pioneering outfits calling the historically industrial city home. Dave Jones fits snugly into that narrative, and whether he's operating as Maddslinky or Zed Bias—the alias under which he just last week delivered his Boss LP for Loefah's Swamp81 imprint—he's unquestionably an integral member of Manchester's electronic scene, serving the city as one of its foremost 2-step/UKG DJs and producers. As such, we've tapped Jones for the latest edition of Locals Only, asking the man from Manny to share some of his favorite spots from around the city and to highlight exactly where we might find the UK stalwart when he's not busy assembling new tunes in the studio.

Restaurant: Solita
37 Turner Street
My favorite restaurant is Solita Bar and Grill, in the Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre. It has a ridiculous Man v. Food-style menu, mainly inspired by American dishes, but given a Manchester twist. If you like steaks, burgers, and the like, this place is for you. I recommend the "Big Manc" burger.

Bar: Electrik Bar
559A Wilbraham Road
My favorite bar in Manchester is without a doubt Electrik Bar in Chorlton. Owned by the infamous Unabombers (a.k.a. Elektrons), it has truly rooted itself in Manchester as the place to go for a decent pint and good grub. It also has the best jukebox, filled with CDs burned by a who's who of their famous DJ friends.

Club: Hit and Run
Hit and Run was started over a decade ago in Oxford by DJ Rich Reason and rapper Riz Ahmed (who's now an actor). Rich then brought the night to Manchester and it has been one of the most successful student nights in Manny. Definitely the biggest Monday night in the area, if not the UK.

Record Store: Eastern Bloc Records
5A Stevenson Square
Eastern Bloc records is steeped in Manchester history; it's been open and selling underground dance music since 1985. Once owned by Martin Price from 808 State, many a Manchester DJ legend has spent time behind the counter over the years, including Marcus Intalex and DJ Injekta. Now situated around the corner from their old shop, they also sell the best coffee in the Northern Quarter.

Unique Location: Museum of Science and Industry
Liverpool Road
This place fast became a favourite for me and my son to visit and learn a bit about Manchester. Some of the earliest steam engines, looms, industrial and agricultural machinery—and also the world's first computer—were invented and manufactured in Manchester. If you are interested in finding out more about the important history of Manchester, definitely visit the Museum of Science and Industry (a.k.a. MOSI) when you come to Manny.