Magic Pony's Favorite Things

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In 2002, Kristin Weckworth and Steve Cober started their own fantasyland called Magic Pony. The storefront/art gallery–located on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada–stocks the cutest things on the planet, from Yoshitomo Nara sticker sets to Pete Fowler's Monsterism rings to Marcel Dzama's Sad Ghost salt 'n' pepper shakers. Magic Pony also hosts monthly shows, introducing the newest work from the likes of Kozyndan, Nathan Jurevicius, and Dalek. We caught the globetrotting Pony duo on their way home from Toy Con in New York, and they told us what's floating their boat.

1. Derrick Hodgson's My Mania
My Mania is the first comprehensive collection of Derrick Hodgson's artwork. It unearths this Canadian artist's creative process from sketch to screen and gives insight on how he combines aspects of cartoon, graffiti, and contemporary design to create a prolific world of characters. Get ready to go mogo with the poppers, peepers, floaters, sprouts, yetis, and ghouls that float and multiply from every corner of these pages. Apey stuff.

2. Creatures Off My Back by Geoff McFetridge
Geoff McFetridge's design work constantly surprises and delights us. McFetridge's newest creations are four colorful figures–each is a little human, but with something else going on inside. From the Solitary Arts set to the gentle Sasquatch Coins, these figures sum up a little piece of human existence in a way only McFetridge can. A total essential for any fan of good design.

3. The Malfi Trio by Friends With You
Friends With You is two wizards from Miami that keep conjuring up the weirdest creatures ever to be seen by human eyes. Now, their Malfi Trio is here to bring magic and mystery to the world. Super Malfi's spots are supposed to have magic powers, Smiling Malfi is a trick master, and Regular Malfi will bring you wealth...or trouble! Who doesn't need a pleather plush doll to add some excitement to everyday life?