Mashed Up: Thrash Crew


After three years of dedication from co-directors and videographers Mike Martin and Gabe Morford, San Francisco's fixed-gear mafia MASH SF will finally release their MASH DVD this month. As Martin's and Morford's guerrilla-style camera work (two cameras on scooters, skateboards, cars, and bikes) and the riders' talent rapidly improved throughout filming, the two cut out early footage in favor of superior newer scenes–as a result, the project took longer than anyone expected. "Everything kept getting better and better," Martin explains, "and we wanted it to be epic so, in that process, we ended up spending a lot of time on it."

The crew will spread the gospel worldwide at mid-September premieres in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. In the meantime, check these snaps from MASH rider Dirt, who shot his co-stars on the streets of San Francisco.