Matt Brady's Favorite Things

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In the ’80s, robustly named Brisbane suburb Fortitude Valley was renowned for its illegal gaming houses, gay clubs, brothels, and wild nightlife. Though it’s slowly been cleaned up, it remains the spot for leftfield art and cutting-edge culture in Australia’s third largest city. It’s also where you’ll find The Outpost, a small store stocking a precisely edited selection of zines and books, toys, clothing, and housewares from the country’s best brands (Perks and Mini, Schwipe, Beci Orpin’s Princess Tina) and special items from points beyond, like t-shirts from Seattle’s Flying Coffin and Germany’s The Lousy Livincompany. (Big-sister boutique, Blonde Venus, stocks high-end designers like Jens Laugesen and Hussein Chalayan.) “Australian design is mostly known for being a bit tongue-in-cheek, a bit larrikin,” says Outpost main man Matt Brady, who loves the movie CB4 almost as much as he loves fixing the store’s air conditioner (well, sort of). He recommends you listen to the bands I Heart Hiroshima, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and A Certain Ratio, and that you check out these Outpost best-sellers.

Perks & Mini UFO Pom Pom Bag (AUD $268)
Australia-based artist couple Misha “Perks” Hollenbach and Shauna “Mini” Toohey run the respected fashion label P.A.M., and create toys, artwork, and art books that make the world a better place. This amazing UFO Pom Pom Bag is from their latest collection, entitled “Weather Report.” It sums up all things P.A.M.: twisted, joyful, and always on it before anyone else.

R.A.D Cassette Tape (AUD $5)
We have small music section–mainly local indie bands. R.A.D is a comical Brisbane skate-rock outfit and they were the perfect choice to play the opening night of our 2006 skate-art show. To quote their MySpace: “Brought together by a love of skate-rock and early ’80s American hardcore, these dudes bring the fun. The songs are true to the source and littered with juvenile lyrics and pit-inducing breakdowns.”

Alakazam T-Shirt (AUD $88)
Will Sweeney–who has worked for Amos, Silas, and many others–has always had a place in our hearts. It’s great to be carrying Alakazam, a London-based creative project he’s doing with Susumu Makai. For the t-shirt component, they’ve enlisted some fantastic guest artists, including Outpost favorite James Jarvis. This t-shirt graphic sums up Alakazam perfectly.

Treeson (AUD $59)
Created by Hong Kong illustrator Bubi Au Yeung, Treeson was born in the forest, is very kind, and has a branch growing out from its heart! It’s been around for a little while, but its super cuteness makes it one of the favorite figures that we have in-store. This is a special box set that celebrates Treeson’s second birthday.