Mixtape: Erol Alkan

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A mixtape of current favorites by Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve’s Erol Alkan.

1. A. Vuolo & E. Grande “Drops in the Wind”
One of the most wonderful pieces of music I have heard in years.

2. Mount Kimbie "Maybes"
Fresh new talent, fresh beats—pretty much fresh everything.

3. Conan Mockasin “It's Choad My Dear”
Untapped genius.

4. Soft Machine “We Did It Again”
A staple of all future Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve DJ sets.

5. Mystery Jets “Alice Springs (Demo)”
The new MJ demos are a major step forward from “21.” This is a standout track.

6. The Beat Club “Security”
I'm completely and utterly in love with this.

7. Boys Noize “Transmischen”
From his new record.

8. Errorsmith “In a Sweat”
PA personal favorite of face-melting techno.

9. Spaceman 3 “Revolution”
I used to play this all the time at Trash—time for a revisit.

10. Deee-Lite “What Is Love?"
Still sounds so fresh.

Photo by Ro.