Mobile Planet: "Jesus Phone" Gaming

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With Apple launching a cheaper, faster, and better iPhone in July, along with quick, easy, and–most importantly–legal development software for the platform, many are touting the “Jesus Phone” as the next great portable gaming machine. XLR8R takes a look at the best bets for the little giant.

Cro-Mag Rally (Pangea)
While rumors of various kart-racing games for the iPhone swirl around (Crash Nitro Kart chief among them), Cro-Mag Rally remains the forerunner in mini-motor vehicle racing for the platform. As two caveman brothers, you use all manner of prehistoric tech to race through the epochs of time using the iPhone’s built-in tilt-measuring accelerometer to steer.

Super Monkey Ball (Sega)
Released for the GameCube nearly seven years ago, Super Monkey Ball sees a surprising (yet natural) rebirth on Apple’s machine. The tilt-sensitive iPhone lends itself perfectly to the cheeky simian-rolling, banana-collecting mechanics that have made the game a hit for so long.

Peggle (PopCap Games)
Among the most popular games already available on various platforms is Peggle. The 2D strategic puzzler has universally been praised as one of the most addictive games since Tetris, and the inclusion of Peggle into the iPhone library will ensure a loyal fanbase ready for more colored-peg-on-ball action.

Spore (EA)
By far one of the most anticipated games of the year for PC and Mac owners, Spore is likely the iPhone’s best chance at mainstream gaming acceptance. The creature-building, evolution-emulating title by Sims creator Will Wright looks to break down the barrier between technology and God in the most innovative way since stem-cell research.

No-Mac Jac
No iPhone? You can still get these awesome games for any handset.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge
of the Warlords (THQ)
Mixing elements of puzzle games and classic RPGs, Puzzle Quest has become known as a game that both the hardcore and the casual fan can get into with simple gameplay and attractive visuals.

Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue (Glu Mobile)
Among the most popular mobile titles, Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue is essentially a strategy title that involves the successful operation of a restaurant, from seating customers to delivering orders, all for the purposes of saving a suffering diner from the landlord’s bulldozer. Mel’s Diner meets Electric Boogaloo?

Oregon Trail (Gameloft)
As one of the few videogames you were actually allowed to play in school back in the day, Oregon Trail, the learning game that had you travelling by wagon to Oregon in the 1800s, left quite an impression on many children of the 1980s. This mobile version keeps the themes and updates the graphics for a mobile audience. Dying of cholera still sucks.

Battle Rapper (Longtail Studios)
Like Guitar Hero for the hip-hop set, Battle Rapper uses rhythm-based controls to tell the story of a fallen superstar who tries to make his way back to the top. One of the best ways to keep it semi-real while on the subway.