My Paris By Fafi

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France's graffiti queen, Fafi on eating well and shopping right in the City of Lights.

1. Le Tambour
41 rue Montmartre, 2nd
m° Sentier

If you want an after-party steak or mussels, or if you want to join all the night birds of the neighborhood in sharing one more cognac, this is the place–it never closes.

2. Hoa Hung
14 bis rue Louis Bonnet, 19th
m° Belleville

The cheapest sandwich place in Paris–Vietnamese ones, with coriander, cucumber, carrot, and perhaps chicken. After visiting the fruit-and-vegetable market on Boulevard de Belleville, it’s the best way to fill your belly.

3. Fifi Chachnil
231 rue St. Honoré, 1st
m° Tuileries

Hey, guys! Instead of asking our best friend what to give us for our birthday, this is what we want! The finest Fifties-inspired lingerie, only for pin-ups.

4. Potemkine
30 rue Beaurepaire, 10th
m° Jacques Bonsergent

A major spot for those who collect indie movies or dream about having Robby the Robot at home.

5. Culotte
7 rue Mahler, 4th
m° Saint Paul

A cute shop with jewels and DIY clothes. Visit when you’re hanging out around rue des Rosiers in the Jewish quarter.

6. Menza
53 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 11th
m° Parmentier

The best restaurant next to our house. It has everything you want when it comes to great food and cool prices. Be careful: it’s packed every evening.

7. Harry’s Bar
5 rue Daunou, 2nd
m° Opéra, 4 Septembre

If you are feeling homesick and want to get an alcoholic slap in the face, this is your place. No music, white-apron waiters–I just love it, except for those who still think smoking cigars is sexy.

8. Toraya
10 rue St. Florentin, 1st
m° Concorde

Not everyone is able to appreciate red bean sweets, but this is best place in town to have a dessert and yummy green tea with chocolate on top. Each pastry comes with a poetic nickname. Have a laugh reading the menu while other customers are seriously trying to learn the Japanese way...

9. Le Marché des Enfants Rouges
39 rue de Bretagne, 3rd
m° Filles du Calvaire

A hidden, covered marketplace where you’ll find the best cecina sandwiches, plus a Moroccan traiteur and nice sunny terraces. Close your eyes, you’re in the south of France!

10. Zef
15 rue Debelleyme, 3rd
m° Saint-Sébastien-Froissart

My favorite kids’ brand. A little bit posh but cute as hell...