Naeem of Spankrock's Top Five Philly DJs

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Could there be a better MC to survey Philly's DJ scene than Spankrock's Naeem Juwan? We think not. As part of our Philly City Special, we had Naeem choose his five fave local selectors.

Dave P
Once Dave actually learned how to blend records together, he became the best DJ in Philadelphia! Actually, he has always been one of the best, introducing us to the best new indie dance music around the world. He would bring us England's new stars before England even knew they were stars.

DJ Sega
I was first impressed by this young Philly DJ by his Baltimore club selection, and then when I found out he produced most of the songs he played, I was blown away. I think he may have been the first to make Headbanger's Ball club anthems.

DJ Siyoung
Known best as the DJ for Philly's favorite rap group, Plastic Little (after State Prop, of course), Siyoung has been holding down dancefloors with his extensive knowledge of what's new and old in hip-hop, R&B, and the blogosphere.

Brendan BringEm
Philadelphia has always had some of the best selectors in America when it comes to hip-hop, reggae, and soul, but we have lost many to other cities. DJs like Rich Medina, Cosmo Baker, and Low B always showed how deep their crates went, and were never afraid to play exactly what they wanted. Brendan is one of the last of these Philly men standing.

Gregg Foreman, Russ Alexander, The Brothers Gieda
This collective hosts Turnaround vs. Immediate, a soul party named after the late-'60s soul label Immediate Records. This party has been going for longer than I even lived in Philly, and it has always been one of my favorite parties to go to.