Outbox: Kenneth Gibson

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No matter which of Kenneth James Gibson's monikers are employed (Eight Frozen Modules, [a]pendics.shuffle, dubLoner, etc.), a certain frigid sound and playfully austere production quality can be expected from the prolific producer's output. With his forthcoming first release under his actual name, Delusional Tales and Non-Silence, the LA resident riffed with us on making music with his girlfriend, what he loves and hates about his hometown, and why he couldn't care less about what you call his music.

Add one more name to your extensive list of musical monikers.
Phil Spector, but unfortunately that's already taken.

The difference between Non-Silence and just plain loudness is...
"Non-silence" is the interlude that crowds your brain space in the peak hours of the night and early morning. That being said, those sounds also continue to grow into something completely new and fresh late in the afternoon.

Tell us about working with vocalist Kelly Johnston on "Give it Up, and Let it Go" and "Something in the Way."
Kelly and I found a musical connection early on in our relationship, and her vocals came very naturally. She's also my girlfriend, and we have other projects as well that were working on right now.

Studio fire! What two things do you save first?
Well, first I would save my cat, Bear, and then my hard drives! This actually happened once. There was a fire at my neighbor's apartment, and [it] got very close and partially into our apartment. I had my entire studio dissembled and out the window in a couple of minutes. Waking up to a wall of fire at your door at 4 a.m. is not gleeful!

If you weren't a professional producer, what would your dream job be?
I'd love to be a writer. I've attempted to write a book a couple times, but never get very far. I also used to work for a psychic hotline network; that was actually pretty great. I've talked about doing it again part time for fun and recording the conversations and using them some way in a project, but that probably wouldn't be right.

Who were your childhood heroes?
Jack Tripper! He was great. I still watch old re-runs of Three's Company, and wish the Regal Beagle was around.

Eight Frozen Modules - "Left Me"

Name one good thing and one bad thing about life in Los Angeles.
There's many of both. To slim it down to just one of each is very hard. Good: the ocean. Bad: Hollywood!

In 20 years, what will Kenneth James Gibson be doing?
Kenneth will be in the studio somewhere somehow making something!

Better three-name musician: Richard D. James or Ludwig van Beethoven?
Ludwig van Beethoven. That's a great fucking name!

What famous film would you most want to redo the score for?
So many. I'd love to do the score for Holy Mountain or Fitzcarraldo. Although, both [of] those are totally amazing, [but] would be fun to re-do.

If there were one song you could take out of your discography, what would it be?
Not a one! That could be a song, though.

Of all the genres your music has been called, which is your least favorite?
I honestly don't care about genre names. I've always wanted to do many genres. It's more fun that way! So yeah, I don't really care. They can call it what they will. Makes no difference to me.

Tell us one tall tale you've heard about yourself?
That I use whiskey as mouthwash!

Delusional Tales and Non-Silence is out on August 10th on Culprit.