Party out of Bounds: Thunderheist

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Global party professionals tell you the best places to get buck wild.

It’s common knowledge that the best way to experience a city is to have a local take you around. And since our summer party schedule sees us touching down in some pretty exotic locations, we decided to ring up a few fearless natives to see where they hang out. In Helsinki, Finland, we tapped the renaissance men of the Top Billin crew—DJ/producers, label owners, promoters, bloggers, and all around wild and crazy guys—to take us to rockabilly barbershops and afterhours bars. Isis and Grahmzilla of tropical club-rap phenoms Thunderheist show us the best shops and oxtail-eatin’ on Toronto’s Queen Street West before we head south to heat up the parks and food stalls of Buenos Aires with cumbia nueva crew Zizek. And just when you think you’ve seen all NYC has to offer, DJ and dairy lover Derek Plaslaiko gives you a tour of the city’s secret techno hotspots, with a side of mozzarella. Vivian Host and Ken Taylor. Photos May Troung.

Toronto, Canada
Graham and Isis, Big Dada’s totally tropical duo, take us on a caffeine-fueled tour of Toronto’s Queen Street West.

Swan Restaurant, 892 Queen St. West
Graham: This place serves a mean coffee and also has some super-rad food. Only problem is that it only holds about 20 people, so it’s really hard to get a seat.


Carte Blanche, 758 Queen St. West
Isis: On the pricey side, but $300 later, you walk out looking good.


Trinity Bellwoods Park, 1053 Dundas St. West
Isis: The perfect place for chilling in the summer—just watch out for the dog poop and crazy people.


The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. West
Graham: I love this place for two reasons: it’s my morning cappuccino spot, and I have a DJ residency in the basement called Nonstop, which is usually a blast and we bring in all kinds of good DJs from abroad.


Rotate This, 801 Queen St. West
Graham: One of the best record shops in the city for new and old vinyl. I try to make a point to go once a week and buy something new. I have a renewed love for vinyl since I got a portable Vestax turntable and put it in the kitchen. Cooking is an art, and having a soundtrack for each meal is where it’s at!


GANDHI, 554 Queen St. West
Graham: Love the roti. Hate the post-roti burn. Definitely do not order the spicy roti!


Vintage 69, 1100 Queen St. West
Isis: The best place to get vintage stuff in Toronto. Awesome staff, and a must-see for vintage connoisseurs.