Party Out of Bounds: Top Billin

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Global party professionals tell you the best places to get buck wild.

It’s common knowledge that the best way to experience a city is to have a local take you around. And since our summer party schedule sees us touching down in some pretty exotic locations, we decided to ring up a few fearless natives to see where they hang out. In Helsinki, Finland, we tapped the renaissance men of the Top Billin crew—DJ/producers, label owners, promoters, bloggers, and all around wild and crazy guys—to take us to rockabilly barbershops and afterhours bars. Isis and Grahmzilla of tropical club-rap phenoms Thunderheist show us the best shops and oxtail-eatin’ on Toronto’s Queen Street West before we head south to heat up the parks and food stalls of Buenos Aires with cumbia nueva crew Zizek. And just when you think you’ve seen all NYC has to offer, DJ and dairy lover Derek Plaslaiko gives you a tour of the city’s secret techno hotspots, with a side of mozzarella. Vivian Host and Ken Taylor.

Top Billin
Helsinki, Finland
Finland’s B-more-and-bass-loving super-crew shows us the finer points of raising hell in Helsinki.

The Viking Line, Mastokatu 1
Helsinki, the black pearl of the Baltic Sea, has active sea routes to neighboring countries such as Sweden and Austria. Therefore, we have a lot of cruise ships, or “fuck boats” as they’re commonly known. One of our popular leisure activities is to hop on these floating hotels and sail into the sunset. Also a favorite for Italian tourists on vacation.


Sinebrychoff Park, Bulevardi 40
Our outdoor office in the Punavuori district. The lack of Trustafarians, crusties, and speed freaks makes it an ideal spot to concentrate on the finer things in life, such as beer and lightly clad women. Of course, a fight with some douchebags may break out now and then, but hey, you can make war or make babies.


Mannerheim Museum, Kalliolinnantie 14
The estate of our beloved leader, the only true king of Finland, war marshal Mannerheim. A warrior, a poet, and a homosexual. This is where we come for inspiration and to salute the gentleman who saved us from the godless heathens that were the Reds 100 years ago. Maybe we’ll start the Mannerheim pride parade.


Four Seasons Salads & Delicatesses, Kapteeninkatu 24
The deli choice of Top Billin. Just a block away from our studio, it’s run by these French dudes who came to Helsinki to chase blondes (like all Frenchies). They serve the freshest salads and the tastiest baguettes. As we are picky, health-conscious metrosexuals, we tend to eat lightly. Gotta keep those abs toned, right? Lies. The portions are huge.


Redrum, Vuorikatu 2
Home of the Top Billin club night. Three stories below the street level lies the red-light-lit bassment; it’s like the carbonite chamber of Cloud City, but with screaming, drunken hipster chicks and a Funktion One soundsystem. Their sister club, Kuudes Linja, is where we do all the hip-hop nights, so check that too.


Lifesaver, Laivurinkatu 41
Thee record shop in Helsinki. Co-owned by Top Billin member and record aficionado extraordinaire DJ Anonymous. If you dig crates, you will dig Lifesaver.


The Stonehenge, Punavuori district
For those wee hours in the summertime after the clubs have closed their doors, there is the ’Henge, where the creatures of the night from the Punavuori district gather in a drunk and disorderly fashion. Vodka-fueled debates range from A-Ha to Z-Ro to gibberish when the sun rises.