Pete Leonard's Favorite Things

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NYC's King Stampede brand is such a big name in streetwear, you might think they rock hip-hop all day every day. Wrong! Creative Director Pete Leonard, 32, is a disco DJ fiend and a huge Deadhead–put it this way: When we asked him to pick his favorite Grateful Dead song, he could only narrow it down to seven. (You'll see the hippie vibes creep into KS t-shirts like the Dashiki print and one with a trippy-looking graphic of Beatle George Harrison.) Inspiration also comes from party-and-bullshittin' around Brooklyn, and hanging out at the crew's Boundless NYC streetwear store, started by King Stampede owner Nick Langella. We tracked Leonard down in Boundless' back room and asked him what products are really twisting his melon.

1. Phil Frost x Shut skate deck ($59.99)
Shut changed everything for skating in the mid-to-late '80s. My friends and I were so on the nuts we ordered uncut blanks from Westwood Cycle and started our own team, called "SWEAT." I discovered Phil Frost's painting around 1994 and immediately fell in love with it. It makes sense and puts me at ease; at the same time' get really stoked. As much as I want to skate these boards''m keeping them on the wall.

2. WEOOEM book by P.A.M. & Eye Yamatsuka ($18)
Eye's wild-style artwork gets me so open, and Perks and Mini bring the most beautiful noise every time. I gave this book to someone as a gift and somehow it's still on my desk; don't know if that's my fault or if my boy Jimmy just wasn't into it.

3. Urei 1620LE Rotary Mixer
When those checks get real good, I am buying one of these babies. Maximum control.