Philately Forever: The Best of So Much PileUp

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Designer Mike Davis gives us the best of this year's Philately Fridays from his So Much Pileup blog.

MACCABIAH GAMES (above): ?Designed by renowned Israeli graphic artist Dan Reisinger, who created the logos for most of the Maccabiah Games. I love his use of bright colors and clever geometry, especially the visual puns on the Star of David.

BRAZIL EYEBALL: ?Ahhhh, art about computers in the dawn of the post-Tron era. The pixelated eyeball has a nice Big Brother thing about it, too, what with the stamp being from 1984 ?and all.


MENTAL HEALTH: ?This is a stamp promoting German mental-health awareness. I love how even a topic as heavy and serious as that can be depicted with the same wild energy and color scheme as a Jefferson Airplane poster.


JAPANESE FAMILY: ?A lot of design in the '60s and '70s was all about stripping down objects to their most absolute basics and emphasizing the nuances that make them what they are. These curvy blobs have just enough detail and seasoning to tell you they're people, members of a family at that. They don't need a single extra line added—and can't afford to lose one.


DUTCH DRUMMER: ?Why don't stamps look like this anymore? Psychedelic swirls and a rock drummer smashing his set apart? Sign me up for a lifetime supply of postage if this is the case.?