Portland DJs on Deck

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Your guide to the DJs throwin’ down in this rock-heavy town.

Style: Everything I play tends to be rooted in reggae, dub, African, or Middle Eastern music. How that manifests could be Moroccan hip-hop, French ragga, Indian reggaeton, Angolan techno, rai house, Balkan breaks...
Dream tag-team: The Soot Records axis of DJ /rupture, Maga Bo, and Filastine.
Savior record: RDB’s “Ishq Brandy” bootleg–unstoppable dancehall bhangra business.
Favorite place in Portland: Wherever my wife and baby girl are.
Favorite Portland artists: My Atlas crew, Monkeytek, and Manny (a.k.a. ERS 1).

Ryan Organ
Style: Most things bass-heavy, rooted in D&B, dubstep, and house. Old-school jungle, 2-step, and dub thrown in for good measure!
Dream tag-team: Tough call! LFO,
Spring Heel Jack, or MJ Cole.
Savior record: Simon “Bassline” Smith’s “Natty Music” (Rogue Trooper) and the Zed Bias remix of Soil & Pimp Sessions’ “Sahara” (Brownswood).
Favorite place in Portland: Branx/Rotture.
Favorite Portland artists: DJ Keys, Kyle T, Bryan Zentz, Noah D.

Nathan Detroit
Style: Techno, electro, Italo-disco, house, re-edits, new French sounds, B-more club bangers, mash-ups, baile funk, ’80s pop, and new wave.
Dream tag-team: Anyone with an open mind, creative palate, and a deep crate.
Savior record: Cut Copy’s “Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)” (Modular).
Favorite place in Portland: The record bins at 360 Vinyl or Anthem Records. They’re chock full of golden potential.
Favorite Portland artists: The Hot Mess / Snap! party boys, SubSensory Records, Rude Dudes, The Fix. All quality people doing great things in this town.

DJ Furpurse
Style: Electro-house, indie dance, nu- disco, disco, Italo, techno, house, a little bit of dubstep, and a little bit of bassline.
Dream tag-team: Lindstrøm, Bangkok Impact, Simian Mobile Disco, Tomboy, Switch, Booka Shade, Yello, and Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Savior record: Inner City’s “Big Fun” (Virgin)
Favorite place in Portland: Forest Park for relaxing.
Favorite Portland artist: I can’t pick one.

DJ Kez
Style: Hip-hop, soul, beats, party joints.
Dream tag-team: A Tribe Called Quest.
Savior record: Liquid Liquid’s “Cavern” (99)
Favorite place in Portland: Someday Lounge and Holocene.
Favorite Portland artists: The Fix and Rock Box crews.

Let’s Go Outside
Clubs: I refuse to play dance music here anymore because I just can’t bear to see hipsters turning their noses up at the music I love. [But] there are some fun regular events to attend, like Fridays at Rotture .
Style: The rattle of thought loosely held together by a steady tempo.
Dream tag-team: I:Cube.
Savior record: Miles Maeda’s “Wee Know It (Total S Mix)” (Hook Up Tunes).
Favorite place in Portland: Pi-REM is the best spot for sound, hands down.
Favorite Portland artists: [SiK], Señor Frio, Müd, Ignatius, Bryan Zentz, Ben Milstein, and b0t23.

DJ Linoleum
Style: Electro, new disco, post-punk, new wave, house, hip-hop.
Dream tag-team: I honestly don’t have an answer for this. I’ve already gotten to DJ with so many awesome people from Portland and beyond that it has felt like a dream at times.
Savior record: New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Factory/Qwest).
Favorite place in Portland: It’s a tie between Stumptown and walking through my neighborhood.
Favorite Portland artist: If I only get one pick it’s going to be the band that’s held my attention for more than eight years now: Glass Candy.

Linger & Quiet
Style: House
Dream tag-team: Optimo or Ricardo Villalobos.
Savior record: Runaway “Brooklyn Club Jam” (DFA/Rekids).
Favorite place in Portland: The Savoy. It’s our favorite restaurant; we would eat there every night if we could.
Favorite Portland artist: Yellow Swans.

Noah D
Style: Drum & bass and dubstep, 172 bpm and 142 bpm
Dream tag-team: Master Shake.
Savior record: For D&B, M.I.S.T “How You Make Me Feel (Photek Remix)” (31 Records); otherwise, Santogold (feat. Switch & Freq Nasty) “Creator” (Downtown).
Favorite place in Portland: The view from any one of the many bridges that cross the Willamette River into downtown.
Favorite Portland artist: Sonic Ric (R.I.P.).

Anjali & The Incredible Kid
Style: The collision of digital music production with hundreds of years of local cultures and musical traditions. International hip-hop, bhangra, Bollywood, Tollywood, reggaeton, Balkan beats, kuduro, funk carioca, grime, dancehall, Arabica, mambo, urban desi.
Dream tag-team:
Anjali: Morrissey
Incredible Kid: Joro-Boro.
Savior record:
Anjali: Outlandish’s “Guantanamo (Outlandish & Maximum Risk Remix)” (BMG Denmark)
Incredible Kid: Specialist ‘N’ Tru-Skool’s “Eshareh” (VIP).
Favorite place in Portland: Our batcave.
Favorite Portland artist: Our favorite DJ is E3. Chervona is our favorite band.