Q&A: Caspa & Rusko

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Outtakes from our interview with London dubstep dudes Caspa & Rusko.

XLR8R: How would you say you guys are different, production-wise?

Caspa: Rusko’s really into his drums. He’s big on melodies and chords and stuff. I am always into LFOs and basslines. But we have a friendly rivalry in the studio. We’re brutally honest with each other. He will be like “Gary, that’s shit.” Oh, and I do everything in Reason.

Rusko: I use Acid.

How do you feel about the dubstep scene at the moment?

Caspa: I think the dubstep scene is very refreshing and very exciting. In the beginning, it was like being in a new relationship. The honeymoon period is over now, but you still get that same feeling every time you play around the world.

Rusko: Dubstep virgins. They’re the people I love to play to.

What other producers are you inspired by?

Caspa: Timbaland is making absolute stormers. I am so determined that he used to listen to two-step garage. That tune he did with 50 Cent, “Ayo Technology,” is like a dubstep tune without all the bass. And Mala from Digital Mystikz makes some really nice deep stuff.

Rusko: I’m loving even harder, techno-influenced stuff. Production-wise, I’m into Squarepusher. I’m a proper geek. I love the melodies and technicality of it.

Caspa: And we both love jump up drum & bass, like Hazard, Clipse, and TC. Those guys have been playing dubstep tracks as well. I’m working on a tune with Clipse from Bristol at the moment.

I notice you cut dubplates rather than play CDs or MP3s…

Rusko: I’m a DJ/producer. I wanted my own dubplates and stuff to play out. But I’ve only just been doing it since 2005. Not that long.

Caspa: It’s purely for sound quality. We like our tracks to sound bassy, loud, and crispy.

So you go to the dubplate house and sit there for hours while they cut your plates?

Rusko: I’ve got a bit of a cushy deal. I have a fast internet connection so I just sort [the guy] out with weed. I’d love to go and sit down there but usually I don’t have the time.

Caspa: I won’t master unless I can sit there with them.

What can people expect of your Fabriclive CD?

Rusko: It’s exactly what you get when you come see us live.

Caspa: It’s not, like, Dubstep Now 40.

Rusko: We played two hours back-to-back, dubplate-to-dubplate. You can hear the raw crackle on the vinyl, the dirt on the record.

Caspa: Plus I had a few Staropramen [beers].

Rusko: Yeah, I mean, we’re not robots.

What are you doing when you’re not DJing?

Caspa: I usually like to get on the lash, get smashed off my tits, and get in a fight with someone. I was out at 3 a.m. on Friday. I turned up at Forward and it was empty so I came to Fabric ’til 5 and was talking absolute cobblers to Sinden and Diplo.

Rusko: I really like to go to Rotterdam in Holland and just hang out. I love the waffles there.