Real Talk: Fred P

"There is a soundtrack and it is the beat of your heart. Forever translate and be in the sequential rhythm of life…"
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Real Talkis a series of artist-penned essays that appears on XLR8R from time to time; this instalment comes from deep house specialist Fred Peterkin (a.k.a. Fred P or Black Jazz Consortium). The New Yorker has long been at the forefront of a rich and productive East Coast scene that has churned out the likes of Jus-Ed, DJ Qu and Levon Vincent. Peterkin’s style is one that shows great thought and skill—the dark atmospheres created in his tracks are always well-balanced, never over-bearing, but with a strong emotional kick. More recently, he has also turned his hand to more techno experiments, though his deep touch always prevails. His label, Soul People Music, is an expression of that style, curating a catlog that features the likes of Brendon Moeller, Dubbyman and October, as well as a lot of his own output. In this essay, Peterkin explains just how powerful a force he believes music can be.

Sequential Rhythms of Life. The Future Is Now
Looking forward, the future is bright. Music is beginning to push beyond the past and find its feet in the present day. Although there are enduring classics that are worthy of their place in timeless halls of history, forward-thinking music is becoming the standard. Original pieces of art are actually being produced by some fearless students of life. Who dares to tread into uncharted territory but the artist? Only the artist can have a foot in both worlds, and bring back the essentials for all to bear witness.Is not art for the Good of All Beings that behold it? But this is merely one perception—one of many. One must look deep into the other and form an opinion.

My journey began as a youngster in the late ‘70s. My parents loved music and, in good times, the music was lively, vivid, and loud; in dark times, the music was moody, dark, and melancholic. This ran deep into the core of my being, and I began to relate emotion with sound. I didn't realize how much this would shape and mould my existence. To feel is a glorious gift. To allow oneself to be open to that vast universe of colors and texture by way of vibration gives depth and meaning to even the most trivial thing. It's a choice—one of many—that may or may not define one’s experience. However, for me, it is the experience— the only experience, as I have come to learn. Because of this way, this knowledge, this form of communication, we are all connected. Technology has made our ability to create and express ourselves much more quick and efficient, and so this way has become universal. There are no more models; you merely create your own model and share your truth. We are in the 21st century, and the world has become a village where we can share a thought in a moment with millions. It’s a global consciousness that is becoming more vast and self-aware, and at its core is creative energy. The future truly is now, and it’s time to feed our minds so that we may develop the roadmap to the oasis.

Vision of Oasis:
The mind is the most powerful operating system. If you design it, the mind will bring it forth. The only limitation is one’s ability to believe it so. Easier said than done. Life is a field of dense moving vibrations that one must navigate to survive. Although we have history as a guide of how to be proactive, most people live reactive realities. This is more common than not, and so it becomes a common stream of consciousness; a normality not often questioned except by the artful thinker—the personality that is drawn to the abstractions of things. Why this attraction to what seems unusual or uncommon? This counter-perception that feeds on curiosity is the fuel. It's the questions, the draw of the unusual, this need to understand so one might find meaning in one’s experiences. This creates a space, which is the beginning of one’s own creative insight. How one finds it is inconsequential, as long as one becomes aware that it is an awakening of one's inner world. It is this world that transcends all others and opens the door for an enriching dialog with the universe. As earth hangs in space, ever moving forward, so do our own states of mind moving right along with it. The oasis is where we have an opportunity to evolve, and to elevate the consciousness of the entire organism into a blissful peaceful state. Art, in my opinion, is a manifestation of this phenomenon. Beings at different rates of vibration relate in different ways. At any level, one would feel something. This is what makes music such a wonderful gift. In the hands of one that is truly open and has the right thing in mind, it can be felt clearly, powerfully, and it can be quite influential. It is a creative space, a vibration for the explorer, the one that is willing to journey into the other.

Sound Destination:
We are all longing for connection, to belong to something bigger than ourselves—to live a life of purpose, and hopefully to serve our fellow beings in the process. It’s funny how all roads tend to lead to the same outcome. Music, in my opinion, is for the good of the people. To allow us to have a rest in the middle of everything. It’s a space, if you will allow it, that lets the mind run free so that one might remember the nature of what is, and become one with the universe. Rhythm is life perpetuated by cycles constantly flowing, keeping continuity as nature expresses itself in the form of reality. In reality, we find one another in that very rhythm that is consistent with nature, which proves the artfulness of nature itself. My idea with Soul People Music has always been, and will always be, to bring soul to the people with the music. It is this form of communication that allows me to let nature manifest itself in my need to express myself to the masses. Reactions of Light, Structure, The Incredible Adventures of Captain P, Codes and Metaphors, Modern Architect, Sound Destination and Selected all represent this expression. As a musical artist—it is only this honest expression that drives my life. This connection to my fellow beings translates the dialog of my inner world to your understanding of it. It is my humble offering to share this journey and introduce others who have taken to the cause of artistic expression with music. There is a soundtrack and it is the beat of your heart. Forever translate and be in the sequential rhythm of life…