Telepathe: Seeing into the Future

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Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais, the two best friends and ex-GFs that comprise Brooklyn band Telepathe, have more than a psychic connection with one another. But do they have what it takes to predict the future of music? We took their name to heart and had them tell us what they think will be hot in ’09.

Lauren Flax
She has a single coming out called “You’ve Changed,” and it’s totally amazing. She put it together while traveling on planes, and the vocals are done by Sia and recorded in her bedroom. Flax is hands-down
one of our favorite producers.

Gloria Maximo
This is a still from Gloria’s video Yemen Wed, directed with Jonathon Turner.

They’re some hot-ass rappers/producers from Atlanta. These guys put out a mixtape called Silver Medallion, and we can’t wait for their full-length this year.

Niki Roberton
Niki is the owner of IAMSOUND Records. We noticed that there aren’t too many women in the record label industry. WTF? We found one and we love her!

Shannon Funchess (a.k.a Two Tear)
The most incredibly talented girl in the game that we know. This girl can sing her fucking ass off. She did some singing on the Telepathe record too, and is working on a solo record with Gerard Smith from TVOTR. Can’t fucking wait.