The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5

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Mishka Keep Watch Eyeball Hat ($40)

Some friends of mine are "over" New Eras because they are trying to "grow up" or what not, but I still like my sneakers loud and my hats big and bashy. Plus, you gotta have a hat for an occasion like this morning, when I woke up with some hair straight out of the Lion King. This new one from Mishka's holiday line is perfect for those kind of days. On the front, it's got a serious staring bloodshot eyeball that says "I am watching you, don't mess." But then you flip up the brim and ta-dao! Whhaaaaaaaaaaaat! All of a sudden you are screaming, son! All of a sudden you are yelling as loud as your tequila hangover, but without saying a word! [Word to the wise: This is not actually a good hat to wear on days where you don't want to talk to anyone, because it pretty much makes people talk to you. You might even have all the neighborhood kids following you around town like the Pied Piper.]

I am gonna rock this one flipped up because I like to show the sharp monster fangs and it looks really retro '90s skate for some reason. (Shaka!) If you are really feeling fancy, this hat also comes in a cool shade of blue or you can rock a lavender one, strictly for those new dandies who are very secure in their manhood–I'm sticking with basic black. And lest I forget, the eyeball also supposedly glows in the dark–when I party in the black hole, I'll let you know if that's true.

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