The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

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GRN Apple Tree Inverse Hoodie and Nixon Rotolog Watch

It’s an almost legendary story among XLR8R’s editorial and design staff, the time that I was soooo psyched about the new GRN Apple Tree hoodie that came into the office that I actually called designer David Clark at home one night to ask if I could wear it to a club before it was even photographed for the magazine. That’s how bad I wanted that thing. (Thanks David and Brianna!) So it’s no surprise that this year I also asked for the latest GRN Apple Tree Inverse zip-up ($90), a very fine, rigid-indigo-denim garment that’ll catch as many glances as it will gusts of rainy wind in the kinda-nasty San Francisco winter. I don’t know what it is about these GRN Apple Tree dudes–as half the streetwear brands out there just do nothing for me–but these guys always kill it: incredible designs and patterns, and they never chintz-out on the materials or craftsmanship.

Item two of this ultra-suave ensemble is the Nixon Rotolog watch ($220). I’ve been rocking a basic Nixon Leather Scout since I moved to S.F. four years ago, and she’s never done me wrong (except the leather band smells pretty funky now… I know–ew!), so I turned to them for the next step in my time-telling-style needs. My friend picked up this baby, the Rotolog, on his last visit to S.F., and despite dropping some coin on it, he sold me on it pretty quick. It’s water-resistant, sleek as fuck, and, depending on the colorway (they offer walnut, bamboo, and teak, plus other colored designs), super-diverse: weddings, clubs, meetings… this thing meshes. Another item for which I’m more than happy to embarrass myself to get my hands on.

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