The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

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Kid Robot Smoker's Delight Bundle

Smoking's a filthy habit, and Kid Robot has enough items to fill the stockings of all your cigarette sucking friends (or, if you're like me, fill up every inch of available space on your desk at work). The Smoker's Delight Bundle ($34.95) features Frank Kozik's limited-run vinyl toys–from grenades to strips of bacon and ice cream cones–puffing away. The entire pack comes with the Mongerforce Sarge, the Smorkin' Menthos Series, and four Smorkin' Mongers figures. Wave them around mid-day, when you go to light up and a passerby starts coughing emphatically and glaring like you'd just burnt down the local co-op. Cigarettes sold separately.

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