Tour Diary: The Grouch

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Living Legends crew member The Grouch raps and eats his way through the Southwest.

Sunday, April 6: Reno, NV
I flew into Reno from Burbank with a short layover in Oakland and saw my old-school homey DJ True Justice. We talked about new ways to sell music and who could fall asleep faster on a plane. He did. My boys Buddha and run a sandwich shop in Reno (as well as a successful underground hip-hop show on commercial radio!). I had the healthiest thing on the menu, then met up with Zion I at the venue. Fabby Davis (a.k.a. Mistah F.A.B.) killed it with a 10-minute acapella freestyle for the night’s grand finale!

Tuesday, April 8: Hollywood, CA
Asop (of Living Legends) suggested we do an in-store at Amoeba L.A. and then didn’t even show up! About 600 kids crowded the rows of the store to watch Legends and me do a few cuts off our new releases that both dropped today (The Gathering and Show You the World). Perfect timing. Murs was so happy he had to jump up and touch his toes! We signed autographs for two-and-a-half hours. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. Amoeba gave me $75 credit and I spent my whole thing on the new Jose James CD.

Wednesday, April 9: Los Angeles, CA
Daddy Kev throws a weekly at the Airliner in Los Angeles with dope resident DJs like D Styles, Flying Lotus, edIT, and Gaslamp Killer. I did my record release party there with DJ Fresh on the tables. Abstract Rude and Scarub came through, and a lot of the folks knew the words to the new songs already. The album just came out yesterday! Hmmm, illegal downloads? My daughter Rio has got to eat, y’all!

Sunday, April 20: Indio, CA
4/20, dude! Many chances to smoke that good purple shit. I only smoke on rare occasions–usually at home with my wife so I can just go to sleep if I get paranoid. Dope turnout, the fans had a nice energy, and seemed hungry for hip-hop out there in the desert. I spoke to Myka Nine about the Jose James remake of “Park Bench People” and his ridiculous freestyle on G4 TV.

Monday, April 21: Tucson, AZ
We drove my veggie oil/biodiesel-powered Ford F350 to Tucson (oxymoron, I know). My first show with Collie Buddz of about five. I bet he had a good one the night before (4/20... “Finally the herbs come around”)! I ate at the Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress–coconut curry tofu and vegetables over couscous. I’m on the health tip, man. My brother Brad the Merch Guy “hossed” (that’s what we call driving long distances in the truck) all the way back to L.A. (503 miles) in six hours! Serious business.

Tuesday, April 22: Los Angeles, CA
I played at The Roxy, Sunset Strip–legendary spot. I drove up with my wife and DJ Fresh without a minute to spare and hopped on stage. The whole front of the crowd was fully into it, but I had to convince some of Collie’s fans. Shout out to the soundman, who said he’s been a Legends listener for years. My boy Tone brought me a new DJ Khalil beat CD. Heat! To top the night off RZA was in the house!