Tour Stockholm With Skweee's Key Players

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Earlier this year, we paid a visit to Sweden, where we had an XLR8R TV sit-down with Studio side-project The Crepes in Gothenburg, and got the goods on all things skweee in Stockholm. The main players in the skweee scene—those being Daniel Savio, Frans Carlqvist (a.k.a. Pavan and Limonious, and head of the Flogsta Danshall label), Henrik Von Euler (a.k.a. Rigas Den Andre), and Baba Stiltz (a.k.a. Mrs. Qeada)—also took us for a tour of their Södermalm neighborhood, where we checked out their favorite record shops, kebab huts, and places to chill.

Myrorna Second Hand Store
Hornsgatan 96
This thrift store is called Myrorna, and it's run by the Salvation Army. They have lots of stores all over town and lots of ridicoulus one-dollar-type records (10 kronor, in Sweden). There are a few different ones around. Another good one is called Stadsmissionen, and they are run by a homeless shelter. Most of the time, it's just a pleasant way to waste time, but sometimes you can really strike gold. I buy all my records at thriftshops, except for skweee. It's very time-consuming. I go record hunting everyday. Maybe in 20 years, you'll find old Flogsta Danshall records there. [laughs] Daniel Savio


from left: Baba Stiltz, Daniel Savio, Frans Carlqvist, Henrik Von Euler


Various locations
Systembolaget is the Sweden’s only supplier of alcohol. Thus, it's kind of important. If you go in the morning, you meet the winos. Around lunch, you get the old folks. And in the evening, you get the fine winos and binge drinkers. I try to go at all times. It’s such a nice place. Henrik Von Euler


Snickars Records
Heleneborgsgatan 5A
Snickars is a great record store where you can find everything from Swedish prog, skweee, hip-hop, disco, and electro. I have worked at Snickars as an intern, and I know that Daniel has worked there, too. It's one of the best finds in Stockholm when it comes to good music and inspiring people. If you're in Stockholm, definitely drop by Snickars to get a glimpse of the freshness! Baba Stiltz


And also I did my internship at Snickars records when I was Baba's age. The owner, Mika Snickars, is, in my opinion, the best disco DJ in the world. Daniel Savio

Folkets Kebab
Folkungagatan 63
Eat as much you want for eight euros in daytime, or get your weekend night snack at 4:00 in the morning. I used to hang out here a lot, a couple of years ago. In fact, it's where I met [skweee producer] Uday. Frans Carlqvist


Folkoperan Café & Restaurant
Hornsgatan 72
A decent lunch place with white tablecloths and traditional Swedish food. Some nights you can hang out in the bar an listen to Kool DJ Dust (a.k.a. Daniel Savio) play unreleased material and abnormal disco. Frans Carlqvist


Maria Magdalena Church and Graveyard
Sankt Paulsgatan 10
This is a graveyard close to my office. It’s kind of dead. (Sorry!) I enjoy walking here, feeling the atmosphere. At least I’m alive, you know. Not dead like you… Henrik Von Euler