Wolf Bands: An XLR8R Guide

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It has come to XLR8R's attention that packs of roving synth- and guitar-armed wolves are attacking every facet of modern music–and they must be stopped. Sure you're familiar with Guitar Wolf, Steppenwolf, Superwolf, Wolfie, and Peanut Butter Wolf, but have you been bitten by the razor-sharp teeth of We Are Wolves or Wolf Eyes? Been infected by the rabid AIDS Wolf? We're here to clue you in to the new substrains of the ravenous species, and make your next trip into the woods a safe one. Tip #1: Avoid Australia. Tip #2: Stay the hell away from Montreal.

Wolf and Cub
Natural habitat: Adelaide, Australia
Last howl:Steal Their Gold EP (4AD)
Mating call: Post-punky blues with plenty of frenetic stop-starts, yelps, and screaming guitars; a little bit wolf, a little bit cub.
Runs with the pack: The Hives, White Stripes, James Chance

Wolf Parade
Natural habitat: Montreal, Quebec
Last howl:Apologies to the Queen Mary (Sub Pop)
Mating call: Tune-driven, heart-on-sleeve pop with thunderous drums and tasty organ flourishes.
Runs with the pack: Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, Bright Eyes

Wolf Eyes
Natural habitat: Ypsilanti, MI
Last howl:Burned Mind (Sub Pop)
Mating call: Post-techno junktronica; like wolves running wild through Circuit City.
Runs with the pack: Norwegian death metal, Throbbing Gristle, Sonic Youth

We Are Wolves
Natural habitat: Montreal, Quebec
Last howl:Non-Stop Je Te Plie En Deux (Fat Possum)
Mating call: Electro-informed, punk rock skronk to soundtrack rabbit hunts through the forest.
Runs with the pack: Suicide, Quintron, Death From Above 1979

Natural habitat: Sydney, Australia
Last howl:Wolfmother (Modular/Interscope)
Mating call: These wolves attack the liquor cabinet first with sexed-up vocals, pounding drums, and ear-splitting guitars.
Runs with the pack: Led Zeppelin, The Stooges, Mooney Suzuki

Natural habitat: Montreal, Quebec
Last howl:The Lovvers LP (Lovepump United)
Mating call: Feedback, banshee wails, and military test-tone generators draw in AIDS Wolf's prey.
Runs with the pack: Les Georges Leningrad, Wolf Eyes, DMBQ