Wolf + Lamb: A Brooklyn DJ/producer/promoter/label Collective Disguises its Viciously Deep Beats in Sheep's Clothes

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To say that there's a mythology surrounding Wolf + Lamb's parties is a gross understatement. "Eli from Soul Clap always says that [it was] only after they came to one of our parties that they really got what we're about," explains Gadi Mizrahi, one half of the NYC-based promoter/label/producer/DJ duo.

Along with partner Zev Eisenberg, Mizrahi has been honing what can only be referred to as the Wolf + Lamb brand over the course of eight years, and it's grown out of some unlikely places—like Burning Man, for one, where the pair infects the Playa with actual tasteful music and good DJs. "The first year, we had a small soundsystem set up outside our RV," Eisenberg recounts. Then they met an artist who'd constructed a 40-foot replica of Marcel Duchamp's urinal, and moved to the party to his camp. "People would climb in from this drainpipe into our little party." Five years later, W+L's desert outing has become an oasis of good music in Black Rock City. But do they take shit from serious music folks for their sand-covered soirées? "We get flak from techno people about all sorts of shit," says Eisenberg. "So it's okay."

Zev - "Forget The World"

Their "whatever works" mentality for their music doesn't mean they ever eschew good taste. Their 50-person-capacity residency at Brooklyn's Marcy Hotel brings only the most diehard fans, and Mizrahi notes that it's these parties that have the greatest influence on what they release on their label. "It's really tough to find a better atmosphere," he offers, waxing ecstatic about current and former residents like Lee Curtiss, Soul Clap, and Deniz Kurtel going deep on the tiny dancefloor—all of whom have, in different capacities, seen their names on Wolf + Lamb releases. "If we play a new track and impress a seasoned morning shift at the Marcy, you know it's gold," Eisenberg intones.

What's up next, though, is their brand-new debut full-length, Love Someone. "It's 10 tracks that work their way across a lot of different moods," Eisenberg explains. "It's an intimate picture of our music, and definitely a lot of music that only fits on an album."

Love Someone is out now on Wolf + Lamb.

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