XLR8R's Best of 2012: Readers Poll

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This is it, the final installment of XLR8R's comprehensive Best of 2012 coverage. Over the past two weeks, we've tackled a myriad of categories—podcasts, features, tracks, releases, labels, and more—each time utilizing the opportunity to spell out our opinions on the past 12 months of music. For this final year-end feature, we've decided to flip things around by unveiling what the XLR8R audience has to say about 2012. Interestingly enough, after tabulating all the votes from our Best of 2012 Readers Poll, it appears that the tastes of the XLR8R faithful don't actually veer that wildly from our own. While the choices don't perfectly align with those made by our editorial staff, there's definitely some overlap. Furthermore, it appears that our audience can't quite make up its collective mind, as certain artists and releases have been tabbed amongst the year's best while simultaneously being labeled as overrated and/or underwhelming. Of course, there's no definitive answer about these things, but that doesn't make pouring over the results any less interesting.

Best Releases

1. Actress R.I.P
2. Burial Kindred EP
3. Flying Lotus Until the Quiet Comes
4. John Talabot ƒin
5. Disclosure The Face EP
6. Andy Stott Luxury Problems
8. Mala Mala in Cuba
9. Lone Galaxy Garden
10. Grimes Visions


Best Tracks

1. Blawan "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?"
2. Burial "Ashtray Wasp"
3. Jessie Ware "Running (Disclosure Remix)"
4. Todd Terje "Inspector Norse"
5. Joy Orbison "Ellipsis"
6. John Talabot "So Will Be Now..."
7. Julio Bashmore "Au Seve"
8. Grimes "Oblivion"
9. Four Tet "Jupiters"
10. Bicep "Vision of Love"


Best New Artists

1. Disclosure
3. Happa
4. Bondax
5. Baauer
6. Ryan Hemsworth
7. Dusky
8. Vessel
9. Karenn
10. South London Ordnance


Most Overrated Releases

1. Disclosure "Latch"
3. Flying Lotus Until the Quiet Comes
4. The xx Coexist
5. Julio Bashmore "Au Seve"
6. Grimes Visions
7. Actress R.I.P
8. Laurel Halo Quarantine
9. Purity Ring Shrines
10. Scuba Personality


Most Underwhelming Releases

1. Flying Lotus Until the Quiet Comes
2. The xx Coexist
3. Scuba Personality
4. Addison Groove Transistor Rhythm
5. Teengirl Fantasy Tracer
6. Daniel Lopatin & Tim Hecker Instrumental Tourist
7. Mala Mala in Cuba
8. Clark Iradelphic
10. The Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough


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