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All month long, we here at XLR8R have been indulging in our usual round of end-of-the-year fun, turning out list after list detailing what we think is the Best of 2013. Based on the response, it seems that most of the the XLR8R audience has enjoyed the process; still, after digesting three solid weeks of our editors' opinions about the past year, we figured that many of our readers would want to have their say. With that in mind, we asked them to vote for their choices in many of the same categories that we've already published our own lists for, and the final results are fascinating, to say the least. As always, it's interesting to see where the audience's opinions have diverged from our own—although that has happened less than usual this year—and we can't help but laugh when some of the same records appear in both the "Best Releases" and "Most Disappointing Releases" categories. This is the final article in our Best of 2013 series; we'd like to send out a huge thanks to everyone who voted, and we can't wait to hear what our readers will have to say in 2014.

Best Releases

1. Jon Hopkins Immunity (Domino)
2. Burial Rival Dealer (Hyperdub)
3. Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven (Warp)
4. Boards of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
5. Machinedrum Vapor City (Ninja Tune)
6. DJ Koze Amygdala (Pampa)
7. Darkside Psychic (Other People/Matador)
8. Moderat II (Monkeytown)
9. Disclosure Settle (PMR)
10. Daniel Avery Drone Logic (Phantasy Sound)


Best Tracks

1. Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal" (Domino)
2. Burial "Come Down to Us" (Hyperdub)
3. Sophie "Bipp" (Numbers)
4. Lone "Airglow Fires" (R&S)
5. Machinedrum "Gunshotta" (Ninja Tune)
6. Paul Woolford "Untitled"
7. Kingdom "Bank Head (feat. Kelela)" (Fade to Mind)
8. Mount Kimbie "Made to Stray" (Warp)
9. Holden "Renata" (Border Community)
10. Moderat "Bad Kingdom" (Monkeytown)


Most Disappointing Releases

1. Daft Punk Random Access Memories (Columbia)
2. James Blake Overgrown (Republic)
3. Disclosure Settle (PMR)
4. Mount Kimbie Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (Warp)
5. Four Tet Beautiful Rewind (Text)
6. Burial Rival Dealer (Hyperdub)
7. Boards of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
8. Zomby With Love (4AD)
9. The Knife Shaking the Habitual (Mute)
10. Moderat II (Monkeytown)


Best New Artists

1. Jessy Lanza
2. Kelela
3. Sophie
4. FKA Twigs
5. Akkord
6. Graze
7. Ten Walls
8. John Wizards
9. Mssingno
10. MGUN


Best Labels

1. Hyperdub
2. Warp
3. L.I.E.S.
4. Ghostly
5. Ninja Tune
6. Numbers
7. Fade to Mind
8. Houndstooth
9. Livity Sound
10. Innvervisions


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