XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of April

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After a brief break, we've decided to bring back our monthly series collecting the top tracks from XLR8R's ever-growing Downloads section. Our relaunch comes with a strong cast of contributions from veterans of the craft like Prefuse 73 (pictured above), Hyetal, and Arkist alongside an impressive group of newcomers including TÂCHES, Sleepyhead, and Habits of Hate, among others. Best yet, we've gone one step further and made a convenient SoundCloud playlist out of the bunch. The full list of XLR8R's top 20 downloads for the month of April can be peeped below.

1. TÂCHES "Malindi"
2. Perera Elsewhere "Drunk Man (Prefuse 73 AA Meditation Mix)"
3. Marley Carroll "First Thought, Best Thought (Little People Remix)"
4. Howson's Groove "Shake Up (Arkist Remix)"
5. Habits of Hate "The Destruction of Words"
6. Camea "I Dream of You (Lee Jones Remix)"
7. Steve Murphy "Relax (Route 8's Relaxed Remix)"
8. Roland Tings "Floating on a Salt Lake"
9. Sleepyhead All Alone
10. Carisma "Talento Matema?tico"
11. Split Secs "I Stand Alone (Mike Simonetti Mix)"
12. VVV "Present Tense"
13. James Isaac "Blue Break (Hyetal Remix)"
14. Casino Times "Some of Her Love (Version)"
15. TWR72 "Mode"
16. Dustin Zahn "Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)"
17. C L N K "Fuck Hype"
18. El Remolón "Nocturno"
19. VesperTown "Royal Flash (Tokyo Hands Remix)"
20. Hotel Lauer "Smend"