XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of January

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2013 started out on XLR8R much like every year and every month does: with a whole hell of a lot of free downloads. Among the 80 or so tracks we give away each month, a handful of them get a bit more attention than the others. Maybe it's because an exciting up-and-comer reworked the lastest radio single or hottest indie outfit making the rounds; or maybe it's because some fresh face appeared for their first time on XLR8R with a tune you just had to have in your daily rotation. Whatever the reason for artists like Nils Frahm, Archie Pelago, Kid Smpl, DJ Haus, and Druid Cloak appearing next to names like Oneman, Lindstrøm, A$AP Rocky, The xx, and Drake, we know that the common thread here is quality music. Check out the cream of January's crop of free downloads after the jump.

1. Drake "Doing it Wrong (Figgy Remix)"
2. Otik "Tremble"
3. Phon.o "Black Boulder (SCNTST Remix)"
4. The xx "Chained (Oneman 119 House Edit)"
5. Dosage "Bring it Back"
6. Astronautica "Cruise"
7. Grizzly Bear "Gun Shy (Lindstrøm Remix)"
8. Nils Frahm "Re (Modiac Rework)"
9. SecondCity "You Feel"
10. The xx "Fiction (Kid Smpl Remix)"
11. Archie Pelago "Carmen on Gold St."
12. Hackman "No More"
13. Ossie "Ossie Baba"
14. DJ Haus "Thug Houz Anthem!"
15. A$AP Rocky "Fashion Killa (Druid Cloak Moonglade Remix)"
16. Mister Lies "Lupine"
17. The Same "Mental Disorder"
18. Snorlax "Bottle Service"
19. Throwing Snow "Buck"
20. Majical Cloudz "Turns Turns Turns (Blue Hawaii Flüchtig Mix)"