XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of June

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During the month of June, XLR8R's Downloads section was again home to an eclectic mix of electronic productions, with original tracks and remixes coming from an array of international artists. Now, as the calendar turns to July and summer begins to get into full swing, we've compiled the top 20 downloads from the past month—a list populated by a handful of more familiar names in Mark E (pictured above), Steve Huerta, Avalon Emerson, Marley Carroll, and TÂCHES, alongside a number of relative newcomers to the XLR8R pages. The full list of our top 20 downloads for the month of June can be peeped below, where we've also included a convenient SoundCloud playlist featuring the full collection of impressive tunes.

1. La Roux "Uptight Downtown (Midnight Magic Remix)"
2. Sonzeira "Aquarela Do Brasil (Mark E Remix)"
3. Citizens! "Lighten Up (TÂCHES Darkened Down Remix)"
4. Little People "Aldgate Patterns (Marley Carroll Remix)"
5. Cvd "Jungle Cahandy"
6. Steve Huerta "Kingsley's Groove"
7. Silver Hands "Skulls (Mike Simonetti Remix)"
8. Krampfhaft "Weluwe"
9. Trap Door "Chaka"
10. SertOne "Firewerks"
11. Twins "Love Runs Deep"
12. Some Ember "The Thrashing Whip (Avalon Emerson Remix)"
13. Julian & der Fux "Unglaublich (MOTSA Remix)"
14. Luka "Lowdown"
15. 6MAKA6 "Helium"
16. Moist Ghost "Call Me Up (Jaw Jam Remix)"
17. Maxim Wolzyn "Ringbahn"
18. Glitterbug "When the City Was Bare"
19. My Favorite Robot "Dead of the Dance"
20. Local Suicide "We Can Go Everywhere (Richard Rossa Remix)"