XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of November

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Okay, you guys know the drill: Now that November is all said and done, it's time for us to look back over the past month and suss out which of the 80 or so downloads we posted got the most love. This collection of Top 20 Downloads is actually a somewhat surprising list, as it doesn't feature any of the usual suspects and boasts way more original productions than remixes. You can check out who all made the cut after the jump, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for XLR8R's Top Downloads of 2012 to appear next Monday.

1. fLako "Mating Dance"
2. Nils Frahm "Si (Plasma Rüby Remix)"
3. Deech "Urnite (Slugabed Remix)"
4. G Jones & Grimblee "Blue Dream"
5. Stumbleine "Honeycomb"
6. Monolithium "Bounce 4 Life"
7. Bicep "Feel It"
8. Sun Glitters "Mouth"
9. The 1975 "Sex (Hackman Remix)"
10. Komune1 "Helios"
11. Prince Club & Steve Huerta "Can't Let Go"
12. Monokle "Swan (Fybe:one Remix)"
13. Ambassadeurs "Second Thought"
14. Maribou State "Pagoda"
15. Maths Time Joy "Always"
16. Matthais Zimmermann "Paul"
17. Discoverer "Personal Clone"
18. Pedro 123 "Coolant VIP"
19. James Welsh "Novelty Island"
20. Sly One "Beats Like Them"