XLR8R TV: Sleepless in Seattle - dB Festival 2015

XLR8R travels to Seattle to document one of North America's most immersive festivals.

Seattle's Decibel Festival is a multi-venue, club-based festival with a forward-thinking aesthetic and attitude. With its 12th year now in the bag, Decibel has certainly cemented itself as one of North America's best festivals. The volunteers involved, as well as the artists, the crowd, and the city itself, present a no-nonsense and welcoming attitude that makes for five vibe-filled days of world-class parties and performances from acts such as Bonobo, John Tejada, DJ Tennis, Roman Flügel, Lusine, Bob Moses, Function, Marcel Dettmann, and many more.

This year, XLR8R TV travelled to Seattle to give you an in-depth look at the festival and the city, and to chat to founder Sean Horton, who provides great insight into Decibel's history, its future, and the parties and people that make up (what we see as) one of the best events on the planet.