XLR8R's Best of 2015: Top Downloads (100 - 51)

Check out the 100 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section this year.
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XLR8R_BEST OF 2015 v3

Throughout this year—every weekday to be precise—XLR8R's downloads section has been injected with a healthy dose of sonic mastery. From gritty, torn-apart grime to minimal house groovers, each track had an undeniably unique quality running through it, offered to us from established artists, exciting veterans, and talented newcomers alike. Now that December is in full swing, it's once again time to collate the year's tracks and present to our readers the top 100 downloads that hit XLR8R in 2015.

This year, we will be publishing the top 100 in two separate portions of 50, beginning today with 100 - 51 and followed by 50 - 1 tomorrow. You can download each track by clicking the respective link and once the final 50 has been announced, all 100 tracks will be available to download in one convenient zip file from WeTransfer as our holiday offering to you. As a side note, the top 100 have been tallied from downloads from XLR8R and not streams from our SoundCloud page.

100. Black Suede "Purgatory"

99. Deep Space Orchestra "Dream States"

98. Oknai "Cloud Forest (Pixelord Remix)"

97. Stefan Jós "Specialism (Uneasy)"

96. Night Musik "Eternal (Yamantaka Sonic Titan Remix)"

95. Roscius "Petrol"

94. Eytan Tobin "1990"

93. Machines in Heaven "Displacer (The Revenge Guitar Dub Remix)"

92. Yard One "Memory Echoes"

91. Love Business "Your Love Is Like the Ocean (Uffe Edit)"

90. Bendejo "Unravel"

89. Orlando Volcano "Worst Night in New York So Far"

88. Candide "See You Believe Me"

87. Lokiboi "Untitled Tool 1"

86. Bruno Pronsato Presents Archangel "Blue Eyes Blind / This Romance"

85. Lewis Fautzi "IC 10"

84. Kisses "Control (Cooper Saver Remix)"

83. Walrus "Mother Nature"

82. Lone "Minor Suns (Lance Neptune Remix)"

81. DrumTalk "Everything (Version)"

80. B.O.M "Walk"

79. Kito Jempere "Järvi (Selvy Interpretation)"

78. DAVEM "Some Day in the Dark Side"

77. Sofia Kourtesis "Fresia"

76. Citymouth "Glowscraps (feat. Gumar)"

75. Wax Stag "Ascension"

74. Silk 86 "Dem Curves"

73. Bollywood Life "Clear"

72. Deceptikon "From Time From Time"

71. Acid Mondays "Chi Ka Pasa (Dub Mix)"

70. Sicaa "Frantic"

69. The Cleer Consortium "Cleerly Jazz"

68. Fitzroy North "Ampersand"

67. A/S/L "3934 Km"

66. Ballerino "Love (Bunki Remix)"

65. Tecs Evergreen "Skyline Drive"

64. Superpoze "Ten Lakes"

63. Grey People "Moonstruck"

62. Vessels "Vertical (Jinjé remix)"

61. DADRAS "Mormon Disco"

60. Queen Leaf "Marble Room"

59. Esa "Afrika Ni Leo (Behr Remix)"

58. NVOY "Going On"

57. Marbert Rocel "Unwillingly Close"

56. Random Rab "39 Circles (CloZee Remix)"

55. Otik "Fetal"

54. DJ Haus "Feel the Change Coming On (Innershades Remix)"

53. Maribel Tafur "Summer Dreams"

52. Pajaro Dune "A Sudden Desire (Zadig Remix)"

51. Janet Jackson "JJ03 (MANIK 110 Workout)"