XLR8R's Best of 2015: Top Downloads (50 - 1)

Check out the 100 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section this year.
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XLR8R_BEST OF 2015 v3

Following on from the first installment in our Top Downloads countdown, we now present to you the 50 most popular tracks to land in XLR8R's downloads section in 2015. The final 50 is another solid batch of genre hopping, forward-thinking offerings from artists such as Pixelord, Photay, Mike Bloom, Sebastian Mullaert, Vessels, and MANIK, among many others. Not only can you scour the list and cherry pick the tracks you want by following the respective links, but we have also compiled all 100 tracks into one convenient zip file, which you can download via WeTransfer below.

50. Cherushii "Wild Abandon"

49. AL-90 "Vectornaya Eyforia"

48. Erosion Flow "Aiir"

47. Wet n' Groove "Her Majesty"

46. One Track Brain "Stimulus"

45. 813 "Dick Cash And Burger (Pixelord Remix)"

44. M/D/G "Wah Fruits"

43. Embryo "Don't Need You Around (My Man)"

42. Cafe Lanai "Lanai"

41. Maxime Dangles "Sughar"

40. Èbony "Sunshine"

39. Mike Bloom "Lush"

38. Harriet Brown "Stop Think (Cooper Saver Remix)"

37. Oceaán "Candour (Photay Remix)"

36. Wordlife "Dat Groove (Mak & Pasteman Remix)"

35. Florian Meindl "XLR8"

34. Heartthrob "Does Your Car Know (The Acid Reprise)"

33. Luc Angenehm & Christian Bachmann "Golden Road (Original Mix)"

32. Sau Poler & Pedro Vian "Paral.lel"

31. Julien Mier "Dappled Damp"

30. Hamacide & ChaCha "Annie Gun (Yosi Horikawa Remix)"

29. Gordon "MK Ultra"

28. Wild & Free "Tropique"

27. Unkwon "If We Could Just (Dub)"

26. Edamame "Some Whispers"

25. Kastle "Strange Days"

24. Chaos In The CBD ft. Archie Pelago "Common Unity"

23. daWad Feat. Dr No "Dancing Delight"

22. Cassius Select "Cross Strut"

21. Crackazat "Eye Light (Sunset)"

20. Bass Sekolah "Lighthouse (Phon.o Remix)"

19. Mike Gao "Just Do You"

18. Poté "Oryx"

17. Iglew "Sleep Lighter VIP"

16. Sebastian Mullaert "In The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Wa Wu We Remix)"

15. Danny Scrilla "Sundown"

14. Sau Poler "Bercy (Xxxy Remix)"

13. Ishivu "Gryning (Matt Karmil Remix)"

12. Max Cooper and Tom Hodge "Remnants (Satirist Remix)"

11. Fluida "Deep Down (Dub)"

10. Janet Jackson "JJ02 (MANIK Acid Reflux)"

9. Rodriguez Jr. "Persistence Of Vision (Retinaculum Dub Mix)"

8. Vessels "Echo In"

7. Rival Consoles "Recovery (Vessels Remix)"

6. Indian Wells "Alcantara"

5. Parra for Cuva "Champa (Kate Simko Remix)"

4. All We Are "Keep Me Alive (Lxury Remix)"

3. Grandbrothers "Wuppertal"

2. Benoit & Sergio "Rev 909"

1. Janet Jackson "JJ01 (MANIK Summer Refix)"