Craig Richards 01

Craig Richards: In Transition

'Time is running out, and now I have turned 50 I really feel like I need to do significant things. I want to make a mark.'

Podcast 520: Mandar

Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie, and S.A.M. serve up an album's worth of unreleased Mandar material.

Real Talk: Ceri

The rising London-based DJ-producer explains why freedom on the dancefloor is a fast fading liberty.

Bubblin' Up: Kllo

The rising Australian duo explain how they became Ghostly International's premier pop act.

Artist Tips: Alpha 606

The Cuban multi-instrumentalist gives some tips on removing the computer from your workflow.
XLR8R podcast 518 Casst3

Podcast 518: Cassy

Warm soulful house from one of the scene's most beloved artists.
Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 08.06.55

Real Talk: DeepChord

Rod Modell explains how the harsh nature of modern techno could be damaging our nervous systems.

Podcast 517: Davy

Two hours of deep and trippy magic from the rising Belgian DJ.

Artist Tips: The Mole

The Berlin-based Canadian offers some sampling secrets used on his latest LP.


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