Vlek Announces Music-Making App for iPad

Modeling analog hardware into the world of music software isn't an uncommon practice, as there are plenty of apps and DAWs emulating throwback synths and drum machines out there today. But a music-making app that allows the user to draw their own instruments onto a blank canvas? With MIDI capabilities, to boot? Vlek, the locally sourced Belgian imprint that Bubblin’ Up artist Cupp Cave/Ssaliva calls home, will introduce an app for the iPad that does just that, later this spring.

Developed along with Herrmutt Lobby, Beatsurfing allows the user the freedom to create their own playable MIDI interface by drawing "instruments" onto a sketchboard, and then sliding (or "surfing") their finger across the screen in order to play them. The real ingenuity of the app lies in your ability to link instruments to each other for an integrated, more human feel that produces a richly layered, full sound.

Take a look at the videos below to see how Beatsurfing works, from its basic functionality to the more intricate connections between instruments that Vlek calls "behaviours." You can also apply to be a BETA tester, here; demand is high for this trial, so get surfing while you can!