Native Instruments Releases Traktor DJ iPad App

After teasing its existence over the past few weeks, Native Instruments released the Traktor DJ app for the iPad today. Catering to both entry-level DJs and more seasoned jocks familiar with the Traktor platform, the app keeps intact most of the functionality of its widely used software program, but allows for interaction with these functions using iOS touchscreen capabilities. Actions like cueing, scratching, and setting up loops are made possible by touching the actual waveform, and control of filters, EQs, and FX can all be found using the app's various menus and views.

For those wary of using the iPad's eighth-inch audio output, the Traktor DJ app can be connected to Native Instruments' Audio 6 and 10 interfaces in order to get a higher-quality sound. Furthermore, Traktor DJ can also be used as a control for its parent software program, syncing "bi-directionally" with the full computer version of Traktor on a laptop.

A video teaser of the app can be found below, being worked by the hands of the one and only Richie Hawtin—a DJ certainly known for wholeheartedly embracing new technology—and the full details of the Traktor DJ app (which is available in the iTunes store now) can be found here.