Nord Reveals New Analog-Modelling Synth Lead A1

Getting in on the pre-NAMM action (the conference officially gets underway tomorrow), Swedish gear manufacturer Nord has introduced the Lead A1, a new analog-modelling synthesizer. The Lead A1 is said to be built with Nord's "best-ever analog modeling"—which "recreates a total analog signal path with uncanny realism and is capable of immense sonic variety," and features "24-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synthesizer parts." In addition to the powerful level of sound control Nord is known for giving its users, the Lead A1 also features transistor- and diode-ladder filter simulations which can emulate the sound of Minimoog and TB-303 filters.

Aside from its sonic qualities, the Lead A1 seems to focus on the speed with which one can customize the keyboard's sound, with a newly redesigned oscillator section allowing for easy programming without excessive routing and patching. The full specifications of Nord's new synth can be found here, while a few examples of the sounds the Lead A1 can create are available to stream below.