Roland Reveals Further Aira Details, Shares New Teaser Video

Let's be honest, the rate that Roland is revealing the particulars of its new Aira line of products is wearing on us. But it looks like the end may be near, as some more concrete details as to what exactly Aira will bring to the table have been revealed.

As FACT reports, Roland's Aira line will consist of four separate units: the TR-08 drum machine, the VT-3 Vocal Transformer, a TB-303 clone, and a proper synthesizer with keyboard. Furthermore, each unit will utilize Analog Circuit Behavior (a.k.a. ACB), a newly developed technology which allows the Aira products to effectively build upon the renowned sound of Roland's classic analog instruments.

Below, we've included two new Roland teasers, the first of which shows off the four unreleased units amidst a flurry of flashing lights, while the second briefly explains Roland's ACB technology—promising to meet "the needs of today's music scene" and provide the "next step" in the evolution of electronic instruments.