DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro MIDI Controller

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The original MIDI Fighter was a boutique controller that enlisted a 4×4 grid of gloriously punchy arcade buttons to trigger effects, chop samples, and otherwise freak live beats. The MIDI Fighter Pro ($349) is a logical evolution of the idea, adding faders, knobs, and more to the mix. Using the same 4x4 set of virtually indestructible Japanese Sanwa arcade buttons and the same sturdy steel housing, the Pro comes in four slightly different configurations. Beat Masher, for instance, is aimed at Traktor Pro users, utilizing two crossfaders at right angles, one knob (mapped to filter), and four preset buttons, while the XX Fader positions its faders in parallel and is more specifically targeted at turntablists. Generally, the included mappings are DJ- and performance-centric, and the inclusion of “combos”—whereby certain button combinations will result in bonus audio effects—is pretty slick, too. (Of course, it’s possible to override the Pro’s default mappings to use these guys with any MIDI-compatible software.) Users can even customize their buttons and case from a host of color options on the company’s website. Sonic booooooooom…