Download a Free Sample Pack of Vintage Roland Synth Sounds from Legowelt

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A year ago to the day that Legowelt shared a free sample pack of analog Korg sounds, the Dutch producer and noted hardware afficianado has offered up a new sample library, this time made from sounds culled from the man's vintage Roland JD-800 synth. The JD-800, which Legowelt lovingly describes as a "monster synth… [with] colossal, juicy-thick basses, bizarre unearthly pads, uncanny strings, mystifying effects, entrancing chords" and more, is an early '90s digital synthesizer which may be not as widely renowned as some other Roland pieces, but is undoubtedly a sonic powerhouse. The ever-generous Legowelt has put together 350 samples (in WAV format) from his JD-800, a bit of info, and even some pictures of the unit into one ZIP file, offering it as a free download here. For those curious as to what sounds the sample pack holds, Legowelt has also included a "sample pack infomercial demo" which can be heard below.