Hauschka Discusses Prepared Piano Techniques in New Videos

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German artist Volker Bertelmann (a.k.a. Hauschka) is one of the foremost composers and musicians pushing the envelope of piano performance. His latest LP, Abandoned City (released via City Slang/Temporary Residence LTD.), saw the established talent explore his craft further, with his propensity for using prepared pianos resting at the center of the record's improvised offerings. Now, the former Artist Tips contributor has taken some time to further reveal his own prepared piano techniques in a new series of short films.

Produced by Boiler Room, the videos find Hauschka carefully preparing a grand piano for an upcoming performance, adding a collection of children's toys, small rhythmic pieces, and a number of repurposed materials in order to expand the functionality of the instrument. In addition, the German experimenter discusses the use of FX pedals in his performance process, while also delving into the more theoretical inspirations that led him to begin preparing pianos for his compositions.

Both new videos can be watched below before Hauschka helps inaugurate Boiler Room's new In Stereo series, which promises to "present a different class of music and musicians that we cherish, shot with high-end production values and mixed-down audio in locations that stand outside what we are traditionally known for." Hauschka's live performance for the series is set to be broadcast at noon BST tomorrow; more information can be found here.