Karenn Discusses Live Set-Up in Extensive New Interview

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Together as Karenn, Blawan and Pariah have forged a distinct path into the world of hard-edged techno. Though the pair's releases have certainly been impressive, it is Karenn's live show that has done much to build the group's respected reputation—placing both members behind tabletops densely stacked with gear, the duo's live performances have consistently proven to be a visceral mix of free-form hardware techno. Now, in a new interview, Blawan and Pariah have for the first time gone into detail about the gear and techniques which fuel the Karenn collaboration.

Appearing as part of Resident Advisor's Machine Love series, the in-depth interview was conducted as part of London's Electronic Music Event earlier this year, following a brief performance from the pair. In the course of the interview, the two discuss how they interact and communicate during Karenn performances, in which each member helms a separate collection of hardware. The pair also dives into the reasons they've chosen certain pieces of gear and how their live set-up reflects their studio set-ups, with Blawan especially discussing his fondness of modular synthesis. Karenn's full interview with RA can be read here.