Konkreet Labs Performer iPad Music Production Software

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At its core, Konkreet Performer (MSRP: $24.99) is a "music control and performance instrument." It's designed around the iPad's multi-touch technology to provide a more hands-on, visual software experience, replacing the standard faders and knobs with touchable, freak-able abstract objects that intuitively control software instruments on your computer. A controllable star field and vector shapes lead the way, with more in the pipeline. The software can be a bit tricky to set up initially, but once running it's very stable, and those proficient at programming their own controllers will have plenty to explore in terms of creating new configurations and concepts (our most fun was had with Native Instruments' Reaktor and Ableton Live, for which the app includes plenty of templates to get users up and running). But Performer's most exciting potential is in the club: KP was designed from the start with this large screen in mind to enhance the interaction between the performer and the audience, and upcoming support for HDMI screen mirroring should make it infinitely more engaging for the dancefloor than even the most colorful of Live windows.