Korg Releases New Apps For iPhone and iPad

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The company behind countless touchstone synths, samplers, and pieces of musical hardware, Korg, recently launched an effort to try its hand at building apps for musicians and producers and have rolled out three new products for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. First up, Korg has reworked its touch-screen FX unit and synthesizer, the Kaossilator, into the iKaossilator app ($9.99), which utilizes the iPhone's touchpad to play and manipulate 150 different sounds along with the ability to easily export any and all user performances. Korg has also attempted to boil down one of its most legendary analog synths, the MS-20, to a single app, which they've conveniently deemed iMS-20 ($32.99, pictured above). Said to offer "deep analog-style sound creation," the app can be controlled with MIDI (via Apple's USB Camera Connection Kit) and allows for the export of audio directly to SoundCloud. Lastly, Korg's Electribe sampler/sequencer has been reimagined as the iElectribe iPad app ($9.99), which comes complete with a plethora of built-in sounds and samples so that users can "simply tap their way to groove creation." All the aforementioned virtual instruments are available now through the iTunes app store.