Legowelt Shares Vintage Korg Synthesizer Sample Bank

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The longstanding Dutch techno producer—and noted gear connoisseur—Legowelt has again been touched by a streak of generosity, offering up a sample bank containing over 300 pieces of audio culled from his own vintage Korg Mono/Poly synth. "I am proud to present another 300 samples in WAV format from my legendary, cult, all-analog 1981 Korg Mono/Poly synthesizer," says Legowelt on his website. "Specially programmed for you—juicy big basses, occult space pads, interdimensional arpeggios, futuristic synthetic drums, metaphysical atmospheres and a lot more—all ready to take your music into the next sphere of existence!"

This isn't the first time Legowelt has offered up sounds from his own labratory, sharing a similar sample bank of analog-rich tones from his Roland Juno 106 a while back (which is still available for download here). Basically, the man is clearly a lover of high-quality tones, and we're glad he feels the need to share that love for interesting sounds in the form of free sample banks. You can download the Mono/Poly set here, and if you're feeling touched by a similar streak of generosity, you can show Legowelt some appreciation by heading to hissite and donating to his PayPal account. And don't forget to keep an eye out for the man's forthcoming The Paranormal Soul LP, which is set to drop through Clone next month. (via FACT)