Moog Updates Animoog with Expanded MIDI Capabilities

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The synth builders (and, more recently, app devlopers) at Moog have announced a signifigant update to the Animoog iPad/iPhone app, including an improvement to the use and implemetation of MIDI. The Animoog v1.1 upgrade, which is available for free to those who have purchased the previous version of the app, includes a doubling of the available recording time (to create internal loops) and sees a much smarter organization of the factory and user-created presets into new categories. Most importantly, though, the new version allows for the use of virtually any MIDI device to control its various parameters. Essentially, each function of the synth has been given a CC number, which can be mapped to an external MIDI device by simply touching and assigning the parameter to a specific control. Furthermore, an additional MIDI Expansion upgrade is being offered, which allows for the Animoog app (particularly its X-Y pad) to send out MIDI data in order to control external devices such as hardware synths.

Of course, all of this new functionality relies on users having some sort of USB device that allows for the exchange of MIDI information between the iPad and external sources. For those that do have this ability, the already powerful Animoog app has expanded its usability even further. You can check the video below for a full breakdown, and to gawk at the wall of Moog hardware not so subtly shown off in the background.