Mouse on Mars Develops iPhone App, Seeks Donations to Make It Public

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The duo of longtime electronic adventurers Mouse on Mars have developed a custom sound-modulating iPhone app, deemed WretchUp, which the pair has used in its live performances and recordings as of late (possibly even its wild new Parastrophics LP). Now, they want to let the WretchUp loose as a wide release for all iPhone users, but need help raising funds to further develop the app into an open source product for public consumption. According to the recently launched IndieGoGo campagn, WretchUp is a "new kind of handheld instrument" inspired by "analog hardware effects" that can manipulate any sound source in what the German outfit says is a fun and intuitive fashion. The video below gives a much deeper explanation of the app, showing it in action and providing a nice view into Mouse on Mars' Berlin studio. For more info or to donate (a rather reasonable $5 gets you the app and the duo's thanks), head here.